Introduction to Technologies for Rehabilitation

Are you up to date with the advances of the technologies in your clinical practice?

From popular movement tracking devices, use of Apps to more sophisticated equipment like posture sensors, robotics, tele rehabilitation and virtual reality systems, there have been a number of exciting advancements and trends in technology for physiotherapists, occupational therapists, kinesiologists and chiropractors. These innovative technologies offer new
opportunities in your clinical practice for improved diagnosis, treatment, and patient engagement. This course will effectively guide you to decide about the use of apps in your clinical practice to offer new tools to innovate your practice. To implement these innovations, you will need to have access to a smart-phone or tablet.

Course Objectives:
You will learn how rehabilitation technologies shape and redefine the rehabilitation care
marketplace. Students will also learn how rehabilitation technologies enhances your clinical
practice through:

  1. Patient care
  2. Diversity of assessment tools
  3. Different resources to provide treatment and delivery of care,
  4. Advanced tools for patient education and self-care,
  5. Evidence-based health technologies resources that will help with decision support tools for clinicians.


PT, PTA, OT, OTA, AT, Kin, chiropractor.
All participants should apply the information within their state/jurisdictional scope of practice.

Mirella Veras, PT, Epidemiologist, PhD

 Epidemiologist at Health Canada 

Mirella Veras is currently a PhD Candidate in Population Health and in the Diploma in Health Services and Policy Research, Ontario Training Centre at the University of Ottawa. Formerly, she holds a Master’s degree in Public Health (concentration in epidemiology) from the Federal University of Ceara, Brazil. Also, she has training in a multi-disciplinary residency program in family health at the State University of Vale do Acarau in Sobral, Brazil, and has specialized training in Activation processes of change in higher education for health professionals from the National School of Public Health ENSP/FIOCRUZ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

She has worked in primary health care in Brazil for eight years, including as a consultant of the Pan American Health Organization in the Department of Primary Care/Ministry of Health, Brazil. Additionally, she worked as a professor at the Medical School at Federal University of Ceara, Brazil. In Primary Health Care, she worked at the local and federal level. At the local level, Mirella was responsible for a project in Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) in the Primary Health Care program. She was the manager of the decentralized health area as well as the coordinator for The Nuclei of Integral Attention in Family Health Program. At the federal Level, she was directly involved in research projects in the primary health care field and performed epidemiological analyses of the efficiency of the Family Health Strategy.

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