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YIN - An Effective Tool for Clients with Pelvic & Chronic Pain

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YIN - An Effective Tool for Clients with Pelvic & Chronic Pain

YIN - An Effective Tool for Clients with Pelvic & Chronic Pain

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This course was recorded in January 2024


When treating persistent pain, building self-efficacy and resilience are key considerations for an exercise prescription.
Empowering clients by providing them with the tools to become resilient is key to healing.
Yin yoga is a simple practice that addresses connective tissue tension and creates mobility in the hips, pelvis, and lower back.  
It allows clients to change their connective tissue through unique and effective postures. It also promotes mental stillness to help build greater calmness in our nervous system.
Learn more about the power of yin yoga as an exercise prescription for your clients with lumbopelvic pain!

Join Amber Morphy for this introductory online course 'YIN - An Effective Tool for Clients with Pelvic & Chronic Pain'.

This course is part of the series 'Let's Talk Pelvic Health', a live webinar series running from January - February 2024. You can learn more here.

Learning objectives

In this online course, you will:

  • Understand the difference between yin yoga and other yoga practices
  • Understand who will benefit from a yin yoga prescription
  • Learn which simple yin postures can effectively open up the hips and lumbar spine
  • The main principles behind the yin practice



This online course is intended for all rehabilitation practitioners who treat people who have pelvic pain and/or chronic pain.

The instructors
Amber Morphy
Music and Yoga Teacher, Canada Certified Yin Yoga Instructor, All Things Pelvic

Amber began her yoga journey in 2002. In realizing the importance of yoga to prevent and recover from injuries, she trained in a variety of styles of yoga and now specializes in YIN. Amber received her Fitness Theory course and Group Instructors through the YMCA, followed by a CPTN yoga certification. Amber then took her YIN Certification with Bernie Clark in 2009. She continued her training in Ashtanga with Danny Paradise and Power Yoga with Eoin Finn and Caron Sheply. Most recent courses include Yoga Anatomy with Ray Long and Leslie Kaminoff.

In 2013, Amber began studying the connection between yoga and pelvic health. She has taken several courses through Reframe Rehab and Pelvic Health Solutions. She now teaches yoga exclusively for clients referred by Pelvic Health therapists. Amber has taught yoga throughout the Waterloo Region. She has worked clinically for Pelvic Health Solutions, LifeMark and now All Things Pelvic and Reframe Rehab. Through this work, she provides clients and physiotherapists the opportunity to experience the benefits of the YIN practice.

Course Material included in this course
  • YIN - An Effective Tool for Clients with Pelvic & Chronic Pain
  • Welcome!
  • Slides
  • Concept of YIN
  • The Who, What, Where, When and Why
  • Sitting on the Floor
  • Bio/Psycho/Social Approach
  • We are NOT Looking for Trigger Points
  • Yin Yoga and Remapping Exercises Build Self-Efficacy
  • Moving Away from Fixer/Fixee
  • Benefits of Body Mapping Exercises
  • Checklist of Conditions Dominated by Central Pain Mechanisms
  • Yin Yoga Prescription Pad
  • Case Study
  • Why Take This Course?
  • Questions
  • Feedback
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