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Intrarectal Balloon Training for Bowel Disorders

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Intrarectal Balloon Training for Bowel Disorders

Intrarectal Balloon Training for Bowel Disorders

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This course was recorded in January 2024


Join Dr. Jessica Reale, PT, DPT, WCS, for this online course 'Intrarectal Balloon Training for Bowel Disorders'.

This course is part of the series 'Let's Talk Pelvic Health', a live webinar series running from January - February 2024. You can learn more here.

Learning Objectives

Following this presentation, participants will: 

  1. Recognize the role of intrarectal balloon training for pelvic rehabilitation for people with rectal hyposensitivity, rectal hypersensitivity, fecal urgency and dyssynergic defecation.
  2. Identify key factors connected to successful balloon training.
  3. Understand the current evidence associated with intrarectal balloon training. 



This online course is intended for all rehabilitation practitioners who treat people who have pelvic pain; however, all clinic owners and practitioners are welcome to join. 

The instructors
Dr. Jessica Reale

Dr. Jessica Reale, PT, DPT, WCS is a pelvic rehab provider and board-certified specialist in women's health. She is passionate about educating clinicians to improve their outcomes for patients with pelvic health complaints, and she has educated thousands of professionals in their pelvic health journeys through various educational endeavors. She is the co-founder of PelviCon~ a conference for pelvic rehab providers, by pelvic rehab providers that brings over 600 clinicians together each year to grow in community and knowledge. Additionally, she co-founded Pelvic Floor University, where she teaches regularly and coordinates education aimed at providing affordable and practical clinical knowledge for pelvic rehab providers.

Since 2018, she has also regularly coordinated a small group mentoring program for pelvic rehab providers, with hundreds of professionals completing her program. Jessica is passionate about progressing research in pelvic health and clinical care. She was published in 2019 in Sexual Medicine Reviews on "The role of physical therapy in sexual health in men and women: Evaluation and treatment," and has multiple current research endeavors underway. She owns and treats patients at Southern Pelvic Health, a multiclinic practice in the metro Atlanta Area dedicated to providing high-quality care for all ages and all genders experiencing pelvic health dysfunction. She lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband and two daughters, Emma (6) and Mary (4).

Course Material included in this course
  • Intrarectal Balloon Training for Bowel Disorders
  • Welcome!
  • Slides
  • Full Unedited Presentation
  • Is Balloon Training "The Norm" in Clinical Practice?
  • Should Balloon Training be "The Norm" in Clinical Practice?
  • Physiology of Defecation
  • Why Balloon Training?
  • Rectal Hyposensitivity (RH)
  • Physical Therapy Management of Functional Constipation in Adults Executive Summary
  • Fecal Urgency
  • Tips for Successful Balloon Training
  • Questions
  • Feedback

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