Radial Shockwave Training Essentials

Course Description:

This training is intended for healthcare professionals who need more in-depth knowledge and practice on integrating shockwave therapy in their clinic’s treatment options. 
The objective is to provide the clinician with the necessary tools and techniques to feel comfortable and confident using this modality in their everyday practice and to get the best results for their patients. 

Course Overview:

  • Introduction
    • Welcome to Radial Shockwave Training Essentials
    • Shockwave Components (Free Preview)
  • The Principle of Shockwave
    • Understanding the Parameters (Free Preview)
    • Compressor Based vs. Electromagnetic
  • Maintenance & Safety
  • Clinical Application
    • Clinical Outcomes
    • Custom Protocols
    • Applicator Positioning & Therapy Demo
  • Conclusion
    • Quiz
    • Final Comments, Questions & Feedback

Topics Covered Include:

• Shockwave therapy (SWT) terminology
• Difference between Focus and Radial SWT
• Understanding the parameters
• How the acoustic wave is created
• What affects depth of penetration
• Compressor vs Electromagnetic Radial SWT
• Routine maintenance
• Physiological effects
• Contraindications
• Custom protocols and patient grouping
• Applicator positioning
• Testing for an acoustic pulse
• Therapy demonstrations
• Return on Investment


Rosen Kolev, PT MScSenior Instructor - Shockwave Training Canada
Rosen obtained a Masters degree in Physiotherapy at NSA in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1994. He practiced at the Regional Hospital in his home town of Dobrich until 2001 and ran his own private practice gaining vast experience in orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation. During the same period, he was a clinical trainer and teacher at the Physiotherapy Assistants program of the local Medical College.


"Rosen was absolutely fantastic! I wish we had that session when we got the device. It makes so much more sense now: how to maintain it, how to use it effectively for different injuries, the appropriate positioning of the head, number of shocks, intensity, etc. Rosen was SO helpful. I recommend to anyone who purchases a shockwave device to take this training session before even turning it on for the first time."

Melina Kurtakis BHK, MPT, CAFCI 
Clinic Director at Lifemark Richmond Olympic Oval

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Instructor Name Rosen Kolev, Razi Khaddage
Cost CA$75.00
Run Time 1:05:43
Access Duration Indefinite access after purchase