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Trauma-Sensitive Practice

Trauma-Sensitive Practice

Trauma-Sensitive Practice

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This course was recorded in October 2022


The session will highlight trauma-sensitive principles in clinical practice supporting clinicians in deepening their curious and compassionate clinical reasoning.

The neurobiology of stress and trauma and its impact on behaviour, well-being, and movement will emphasize the importance of therapeutic relationship as a clinical co-regulatory tool.

Clinicians will be left with the reminder that self-regulation and self-care are physiological skills that enhance the effectiveness of client service.

This online course is brought to you by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and is available for all healthcare professionals.

The instructors
Canadian Physiotherapy Association

As the vital partner for the profession, the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) leads, advocates, and inspires excellence and innovation to promote health. CPA’s goal is to provide exceptional service, valuable information and connections to the profession of physiotherapy, across Canada and around the world.
Course Material included in this course
  • Trauma-Sensitive Practice
  • Welcome!
  • Introduction
  • Adversity is in the Eye of Experiencer
  • Trauma-Sensitive Principles
  • Types of Shock
  • Trauma in Infants
  • How Does Trauma Present?
  • Supporting Someone Experiencing Trauma
  • What Does Self-Care Look Like?
  • Feedback
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