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Train the Trainer Part 4: Sell Your Course

We’ve supported you in creating your course and now we’ll continue to support you as you market your course by letting our ever-growing community of course attendees and practitioners know that you just dropped a fresh new course!

So what exactly does the Embodia team do when you launch a new course?

Here are all the details for the pre-launch and post-launch of the course.


Embodia Academy is designed to make it easy for your potential course attendees to see new courses as well as upcoming courses in the ‘Coming Soon’ section. Your course will appear in the 'Coming Soon' section approximately 2 weeks before you are ready to launch it. If you are uploading your course to Embodia yourself, you are responsible for providing us with your timelines.

Coming soon courses on Embodia


When the course is released, we put it on the 'Featured courses' list for 1 week. Your course will appear here, at the top of the page for maximum views:

Featured courses on Embodia


  • Your course will be included in our Newsletter and Blog Email under the 'Featured courses' list: We typically send 1 newsletter per month to our entire list and 1 blog email to our Members only list) 
  • Dedicated emails: We sometimes send dedicated emails about one course or one webinar if it's targeting a segmented audience with a specific area of interest (e.g. orthopaedics, pelvic health...)


Social Media

  • Embodia's primary social media channels are Instagram and Facebook. We also use Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We suggest that you follow our accounts so that it's easier for us to tag you in posts that relate to your content, and note that this can also increase the exposure of your own accounts! 
  • We upload a post on our social channels to inform our community about your new course and what it's all about, as well as to our Instagram and Facebook stories. 
  • We will also promote your course on social media if there are any topical days/awareness months surrounding your course and/or any exercises you have in your course (e.g., September is National Yoga Awareness Month and if you had a course about yoga therapy, we’d highlight that course on our social channels).


  • Embodia's blogs are written in-house based on trending concepts, world events, industry news, and more. We also try to shed equal light on different areas in the rehabilitative healthcare industry. When our wordsmiths pen down their thoughts they always make sure they link to courses that are relevant to the topic, which is where your course will be highlighted. 
  • You can also guest blog for us! We encourage all of our instructors to write a blog related to the topic of their new course. This will be a free way to promote your paid course! So readers might get curious after reading the content included and would want to buy the course. PS, the more pages/websites linking to your course page, the higher the chance of it ranking on Google! So linking from a blog could help with that.



Last but certainly not least are webinars. This is one of the most effective techniques we have found when launching a new course. Here's how it works:

  • We host monthly webinars with a variety of instructors
  • Each webinar is 60-90 minutes long and includes:
    • 30-60 minute presentation
    • Q&A from the audience
    • Call to action: next steps for attendees to continue their learning (usually this is the online course by the presenting instructor)
  • The registrants' capacity is 500, and we live stream on our YouTube channel for greater visibility (usually for only 48 hrs after the webinar)
  • Embodia invites its community to the webinar and the instructor invites their community 
  • Logistics and platform are managed by Embodia

To join us for a webinar, here's what's required of you:

  • Webinar description, learning objectives, and audience (suggested word count of 500-1000 words to maximize SEO)
  • 30-60 minute presentation that relates to your online course on Embodia
  • The final slides of your presentation should:
    • Outline your online course (i.e. where people can continue to learn from you)
    • Time-limited coupon code (Embodia will provide this) for a specified discount on your course
  • If you are interested, please send Maggie ( 3 dates and times that you are available for 90 minutes

NB. We get the best attendance rates Monday through Thursday evenings (start time between 6-8 pm EST) and Tuesday through Thursday (start time between 11 - 2 pm EST)

To view the listing of upcoming webinars please visit

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