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Train the Trainer Part 5: Analytics

Periodically will offer instructors the opportunity to sign up to a course campaign, such as course sales. These campaigns will be promoted to the Embodia community.

To view and sign up to any available campaigns, go to Education > Courses/Manage:

Embodia instructor dashboard

You will see three tabs: Courses, Feedbacks, and Campaigns. This help guide will go over the Campaigns tab. To learn about the Courses tab go here and to learn about the Feedback tab go here.

The Campaigns Tab

The Campaigns tab provides an overview of all available campaigns:

Embodia instructor dashboard - course campaigns

Click on a campaign to view more information. Click on the 'Enter a course' button to submit your course for this campaign:

Embodia instructor dashboard - course campaigns

Complete the form including the course you would like to submit to the campaign, the discount behaviour (either $ or % discount), the amount of the discount, and any notes you would like use to be aware of.

Embodia instructor dashboard - course campaigns

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