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Train the Trainer Part 3: Recording 101

Camcorders are more expensive, of higher quality, and have more adaptable settings, but they are more complicated. These cameras will require an SD or proprietary card to record footage and will generally produce larger video files than phones or webcams. The extra settings provided by camcorders will vary depending on the quality of the camera. Even amateur camcorders will give you access to a nice zoom lens, multiple HD format options, and some lighting presets. More professional models will offer higher resolutions, image quality, and greater control of lighting settings like colour and exposure. Professional models may also offer swappable lenses, though usually only one is included with the camera.

There is a massive range in quality in this field, but many high-end professional features are not necessary for our purposes. We recommend sticking to the types of camcorders that can easily be held in one hand.

Recording course content for your course on Embodia

Camcorders are ideal for course recording, practical demonstrations, and live event recording. As always, please make sure the camera you intend to use can record 1920x1080p HD footage.

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