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Train the Trainer Part 1: An Introduction to Embodia

Welcome to Train the Trainer Part 1!

We are excited to be on this journey with you and are here to support you along the way.

Here's a short video overview to introduce you to the Train the Trainer Courses on Embodia:


Please note:

Embodia has 3 Academy options: Embodia Academy, Clinic Academy, and Private Academy. Each Academy has its own purpose and use. Here's a brief description of each of them:

  • Embodia Academy: this is what you are most likely already familiar with. Embodia Academy is a marketplace of online courses that practitioners can take wherever they are. We have both live online webinars and on-demand courses. Instructors earn a percentage of every course or webinar sold.

  • Clinic Academy: a branded platform that gives you complete control to see your own webinars and courses. A monthly fee is paid to Embodia and 100% of the revenue from sales goes to you! You can choose to open your own, branded Academy and sell courses to either the general public or to healthcare professionals. You can learn more here.

  • Private Academy: a branded platform for internal team training and onboarding. You cannot sell courses. This platform comes with robust tracking and internal team feedback. You can learn more here.

These Academy options are discussed in greater detail in the help article, Embodia Academy, Private Academy, and Clinic Academy.

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