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Train the Trainer Part 1: An Introduction to Embodia

Embodia offers both live online courses (under Webinars) and on-demand courses (under Embodia Academy).
Instructors can choose to teach via either/both methods.  The option you choose depends on your teaching preference. 

Continuing education on Embodia

Option 1 - Live Online Courses (under Webinars):

  • Limited attendance based on the number of seats in the webinar room (Embodia has 500 seats available)
  • Option to stream to Embodia's YouTube channel. This is a good option if you are hosting a free webinar with us and/or if your webinar room is full; those on the waitlist therefore still have the opportunity to watch the live stream.
  • Can be recorded and posted as an on-demand course afterward
  • Global audience
  • We will have to consider your time zone and coordinate the start and end times of the webinar
  • A staff member from Embodia must be present to run the webinar 

Option 2 - On-Demand Online Courses (under Embodia Academy):

  • Accessible and easy for anyone to join, from anywhere
  • There is no limit to the number of attendees who can take your on-demand course
  • Can provide lifetime access to the content (or a certain access period, such as 1 year)
  • Embodia tracks progress
  • The content is available 24/7
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