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Granting auditing permissions

The actions described here can only be performed by the clinic manager.

Giving someone auditing permission allows them to view the programs of another practitioner. This can be useful when supervising new graduates or when a practitioner is providing short term caseload coverage during vacations. 

To give permission for a practitioner to view the programs of patients added to the clinic by a colleague you need to assign them auditing permission. 

The practitioner that is receiving permission to access files is the Grantee. The practitioner whose patients will be accessed is the Granter.

To give auditing permission, click on General info under My clinic in the top bar.

Click the More button next to the practitioner's name who will be accessing the programs (the grantee), and click Grant auditing permission.


In the form, select the practitioner whose programs will be accessed (the granter) and then click Submit. This will provide access to their patient programs.

A list of current auditing access will show up under each practitioner's name.

Access will remain in place until it is Revoked by the clinic manager. To remove access, simply click on the revoke icon (red X) .


For the practitioner to access their colleagues programs they click on My Clinics in the sidebar, click on the desired clinic and then they click on their colleagues name.

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