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What can a clinic admin do?

On Embodia, clinic admins can perform certain actions on behalf of the practitioner to reduce their workload and improve your clinic's workflow. 

For Tier 2 members, clinic admins can:

  • Add patients
  • Schedule telerehab consults
  • Resend consult confirmation emails;
  • Cancel a telerehab consult
  • See if a practitioner is on a Telerehab consult 

For clinics subscribed to Tier 3, clinic admins can have additional permissions such as:

  • Prescribing programs
  • Sharing education
  • Sharing questionnaires
  • Managing schedules
  • Managing patient billing
  • Communicating with patients

The clinic manager has the ability to set the clinic admin permissions.

You can find more information about our membership tiers here.

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