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Train the Trainer Part 5: Analytics

Please note: The course statistics are visible to course admins only. Learn more about different roles on Embodia in the article Types of accounts on Embodia.

Go to your course page > For AdminAttendees.

Embodia instructor stats dashboard

Click on the number of attendees. This will bring you to a list of attendees in your course with the following information:

  • Download CSV: download a CSV with attendee information which may include the attendees' email addresses and geographic location
  • Attendee name
  • Requested at date: the date that they accessed your course
  • Status: 
    • Valid indefinitely: they have lifetime access to your course
    • Partial access: they have accessed a free category in your course
  • Progress: how much of your course they have completed
  • Actions: the 3 dots next to each attendee's name are clickable and will provide you with the option to:
    • View summary: view a detailed summary of the components of the course they have completed. This includes the ability to view a course participant's exam answers and survey responses.
    • Decline: remove this attendee from your course

Embodia instructor course stats dashboard

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