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Train the Trainer Part 3: Recording 101

If you would prefer not to record yourself, we are happy to help set up a time for our videography team to record you presenting in person. This will produce a more polished look and the completed lessons will include you on screen delivering the information, which helps increase the production value and relatability of the material.

This option allows you to be more hands-off when it comes to recording the content. The only thing we need you to do is be ready to present in front of a camera. We recommend going through the Teaching in Front of a Camera section of this course, starting with this help article, so that you know the best practices as the camera's subject.

Recording content for your Course on Embodia

It must be noted that this does increase the budget of the course as it adds recording time, equipment fees, and personnel costs. As we are based in Toronto, this option is only typically available if you are in southern Ontario, though exceptions have been made in the past. Please feel free to inquire about this option if it is of interest to you.

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