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Train the Trainer Part 3: Recording 101

There are a couple of articles of clothing that you should avoid wearing while recording.

The first is anything with a prominent logo on it. You are okay to show a logo if it is for your business or Embodia, but it may cause legal issues otherwise. Secondly, you shouldn’t wear fine stripes, as cameras have difficulty processing them. Fine stripes create what is called a Moire effect in the footage, as the camera struggles to differentiate the lines. Examples of what this effect looks like can be seen below:

Recording content for your course on Embodia

The next few considerations are for audio quality. Do not wear jingly jewelry or clothing that will make noise when you move. Mics are quite sensitive and pick up noises that we might tune out or not notice. For this reason, hair should also be kept away from the mic. Typically the mic we use for recording will be clipped on your lapel, so hair is only a concern if it comes down to around your collarbone. Wearing your hair back or at least parted to one side is important.

Recording content for your course on Embodia

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