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Train the Trainer Part 3: Recording 101

Open Broadcast Software (OBS) Studio is the best option for simultaneously recording your audio, as well as full HD files of your speaker window and slides.
Below is a short video to help you get started with OBS Studio.


Please note, if you would like to record your cursor while presenting your powerpoint, you will need to select “Display Capture” (as opposed to “Window Capture”, which is demonstrated in the tutorial video). Make sure you have “Show Cursor” selected, and then select “Crop to Window”. Select your powerpoint presentation from the “Window” list and follow the same steps found in the tutorial video. * NOTE: You won’t be able to see your powerpoint presentation clearly in OBS until you have started recording and made your powerpoint full screen, as per the instructions in the tutorial video. 

Here's a screenshot of the "Display Capture" window.

Editors Note: Since you won't be able to monitor your 'speaker' screen while recording in OBS, please ensure that you're centred in front of your computer so you don't fall out of frame!

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