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Home Exercise Programs (HEP) on Embodia

To create an exercise, go to HEP > Exercises, and click 'Upload Exercise'.

How to create your own exercise on Embodia 

This will bring you to the 'New Exercise' page. Here you will fill out the information about the exercise you are creating:

How to create your own exercise on Embodia 

Let's go through each section shown in the above image.

First, give your exercise a title. You can come back and edit the title of the exercise anytime you like (it is not set in stone)!

How to create your own exercise on Embodia


Next, add exercise tags. These are the tags used to find exercises in the library. You can add as many tags as you like. They are the tags displayed in the 'Search' drop-down menu. You cannot make up new tags, you can only use existing tags. This is to help prevent duplication of tags (e.g.: hamstring and hamstrings or neck and cervical spine). This improves everyone's searching experience in Embodia's exercise library! If you feel we are missing a tag please email us at

How to create your own exercise on Embodia


You can change the author of the exercise. We go through this in more detail in the help article 'Changing the author of an exercise.'

How to create your own exercise on Embodia


Select the visibility of your exercise. There are 4 possible options but you may not see all of these options on your account. 

Upload exercises on Embodia

Option 1: 'I want to make this exercise public so that all practitioners using Embodia can view it and prescribe it to their patients'  - Embodia grants some clinicians and clinics permission to make their exercises publicly available in the library. If you would like to contribute to the public library, please email us at

Option 2: 'I want to make this exercise accessible to my clinics' - you will see this option if you are connected to a clinic on Embodia. This option allows you to make exercises available to your colleagues and create a clinic content library.

Option 3: 'I prefer to keep this exercise private so only I can view and prescribe it' - this option is available to all clinicians on Embodia. Select this option to keep your exercise private to your account so that only you can view and prescribe the exercise.

Option 4: 'I want to keep this exercise private to <Selected patient name> only' (note: to use this option, you must first select your patient and then upload the exercise). This option is discussed in the help article, Upload private videos for patients on Embodia's web app

Click the 'Create Exercise' button.

How to create your own exercise on Embodia

We will go through adding content (such as a video or image) to your exercise in the help article How to create your exercise: Step 2 - Adding content.

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