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Home Exercise Programs (HEP) on Embodia

Education content can complement a patient's home exercise program, or you can share education as standalone content without exercises.

The education section has material uploaded by Embodia, experts in the field, and other practitioners. You can also create your own education, as discussed in the help article: How to create your own education: Step 1 - Setting it up.

Once you find the education you are looking for, click on the Share button. This button can be found in two places.

1. Next to each education in the library:

Sharing education from the library on Embodia


2. When you click on an education to view it:

Sharing education on Embodia


When you click the Share button, you will be prompted to confirm that you would like to share the education with the patient. There is also a 'Notes' section where you can add personalized notes for your patient:

Sharing education with your patient on Embodia

Congratulations! You've just shared your first education with your patient.

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