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Questionnaires on Embodia

The lessons in the previous section showed how to share questionnaires, questionnaire groups, and recurring questionnaires with your patient. In all those scenarios, a questionnaire must first be shared with the patient for it to be completed. Patients cannot complete the questionnaire unless you first share it with them.

However, there are cases where you would want to give complete flexibility to the patient to complete a questionnaire whenever they want, without the need for you to first share the questionnaire with them. On Embodia, this is referred to as 'Diaries'.

For diaries, you usually specify a start and end date. During this date range, the patient has complete flexibility to complete new entries for the questionnaire.

Embodia has built-in diaries (the Bladder and Fibre diaries) but also allows you to use any questionnaire in your account as a questionnaire diary.

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