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Questionnaires on Embodia

In this lesson, we discuss how to share questionnaires with your patients directly. To learn how to attach a questionnaire for a virtual consult, please visit the Questionnaires section of the Telerehabilitation on Embodia course.

To share questionnaires with your patients, you must first set up the questionnaires on your account as outlined in the help articles, Creating questionnaires from a template or Creating questionnaires from scratch.

To share a questionnaire with your patient from the patient's profile, go to the Progress tab > Questionnaires. 

Sharing questionnaires with your patient on Embodia


Here you will see a list of any resources you have already shared with your patient, and whether the patient completed them or not. 

Resources shared with your patient on Embodia

To share a questionnaire with your patient, click Share a questionnaire and select Single questionnaire or Questionnaire group:

Sharing questionnaires with your patient on Embodia

You can also choose to complete a questionnaire together with your patient by clicking on Complete a questionnaire. This can be useful for example if your patient forgot to fill out a questionnaire, is not very handy with electronics or you/they prefer to fill out the questionnaire as part of your session.

Complete a questionnaire with your patient on Embodia


Once a questionnaire is shared, the patient will receive an email to notify them of the new questionnaire(s). This email is sent 15 minutes after the practitioner has shared a questionnaire - this is to allow the practitioner time to add multiple questionnaires if they want without overwhelming the patient with notification emails.

You can also prescribe your patients recurring questionnaires, outlined in the help article, Sharing recurring questionnaires.

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