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Questionnaires on Embodia

Here are the pre-built questionnaires available on Embodia

Please note: more may have been added so it is best to check on your account if you are an Embodia Tier 2 or 3 Member.

Validated outcome measures: 

  • Berg Balance Tests and Rating Scale
  • Brain Injury Vision Symptom Survey (BVISS)
  • Depression Anxiety Stress Scales (DASS 21)
  • Dizziness Handicap Inventory
  • Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale
  • Fatigue Severity Scale
  • Fear-Avoidance Beliefs Questionnaire (FABQ)
  • Headache Disability Index
  • Index de l’incapacité reliée à la douleur
  • Insomnia Severity Index
  • Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS)
  • Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS)
  • Neck Disability Index (NDI)
  • Pain Catastrophizing Scale (PCS)
  • Pain Disability Index
  • Pain Self-Efficacy Questionnaire (PSEQ)
  • Patient Rated Wrist/Hand Evaluation (PRWHE)
  • Pelvic Health Patient History Intake Form Intake form
  • Pelvic Health Screening (PHS)
  • Post-Concussion Symptom Scale
  • Shoulder Pain and Disability Index (SPADI)
  • Tampa Scale for Kinesiophobia
  • TELUS eClaims - Electronic transmission authorization and consent form Consent form
  • The Central Sensitization Inventory (CSI)
  • The Rivermead Post-Concussion Symptoms Questionnaire
  • The Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire
  • Upper Extremity Functional Scale (UEFS) 

Intake and consent forms 

  • COVID-19 Screening
  • Intake Form - General
  • Intake Form - Personal information 
  • Consent Form - General 
  • Pelvic Health Symptom Monitor
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
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