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Practice Management on Embodia - Part 2: Scheduling

For multi-location clinics, Embodia provides 2 setup options. You can use the information below to decide which option is better for your clinic and your workflow. Once you've decided on a setup option, please reach out to us to let us know which option you prefer and we can enable it for you.

There is no additional cost for using either multi-location option, and any courses that you have taken and their corresponding HEP and education will be available under all clinics.

Option 1

With this option:

  • Any practitioner/clinic admin in your clinic will be able to schedule consults in any location;
  • There can only be one clinic manager for the clinic;
  • All locations share the same patient list;
  • All locations share the same clinic settings.

Option 2

With this option:

  • You can restrict certain practitioners/clinic admins to one location, and not the other;
  • Each location has its own clinic manager;
  • Patients added to one location will not be available in the second location unless added again to the second location;
  • Each clinic can have its own clinic settings.
  • There is no information transfer between the two clinics: items set up under one clinic, do not carry over to the second clinic and will need to be re-created. Note: an exception to the no-information-transfer rule is questionnaires, which can be available across all clinic locations.

How do I decide which option is best for me?

If your clinics operate independently of each other, it is best to go with Option 2. By operate independently, we mean:

  • Patients who are seen at one location are never or very rarely seen at another location;
  • Most of your practitioners only practice in one location and not the other;
  • If you have clinic admins, they only manage one location, but not the other.

Please note that choosing a setup option is not an irreversible decision. If your workflow changes in the future, you can always switch setup options by contacting our support team at

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