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Train the Trainer Part 4: Sell Your Course

Instructor's Guide to Optimizing Your Online Courses

Thank you to all of the instructors for their contributions to building this informative document. Your experiences, insights, and feedback are invaluable to our ongoing process to maximize your success on our platform.

An Embodia Academy Stats Review

To best facilitate your success on Embodia, we conducted an in-depth analysis of our top courses to find trends in course success. In this process, we connected with 50 of our most active Embodia course attendees for their insights, solicited instructor feedback, and explored trends across thousands of sign-ups for webinars, blogs, courses, and other marketing techniques to inform our analysis. 

We're excited to help you maximize the impact of your courses. 

Below is a concise guide to enhancing your course offerings and increasing your engagement. 


First, we noticed that hosting free, live webinars is an excellent way to market yourself on Embodia. This is an amazing opportunity to provide an introduction to a more in-depth course and include an overview of the value you provide in your other courses. In our assessment, we discovered that the utilization of webinar marketing led to over 2.5x the number of course sign-ups (and up to a 750% increase in some courses).

NOTE: Plugging more in-depth courses in your webinars works best. Be specific - mention what the other course covers and provide a call to actionOffering a limited-time discount can also be helpful.


Course Content, Social Media, and Email Marketing

Another strategy, while perhaps easier said than done, is creating exceptional content built around general recommendations (short, practical, 'micro-learning' style content) which also drives traffic - even if the content is unrelated to your other well-performing courses. 

When considering the overall success of your course, we have found that the implementation of other marketing resources can boost traffic to your course significantly. This includes:

  1. Leverage Social Media: Combine your courses with social media promotion. Share teasers, testimonials, and snippets to attract a broader audience.

    1. Embodia will post (and repost) promotional material you create for your webinars and courses in addition to our regular promotional material for your new/featured webinar or course. We have found that personal, honest, ‘you being yourself’ type-of-videos do best on social media platforms. People love to glimpse into the lives of others!

  2. Build Email Lists: Maintain an email list of interested participants. Regularly update them about new courses, promotions, and valuable content.

Maximize your SEO Advantage

What Is SEO?
SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is like the digital roadmap to making your course more popular on the internet. It involves using special techniques and keywords to help your course rank higher in search engine results, like Google. The greater your SEO optimization, the greater your visibility online.  

Embodia’s team adds the SEO for your webinars and courses to ensure that the best key terms are used. You can view the SEO on your course page(s) by going to Edit settings at the bottom of the course page > SEO:

Embodia Academy Instructor SEO dashboard 

One key component of SEO is called ‘backlinks’. A backlink is when one website links to another with an anchor text. An example of a backlink is any article you find that links to another source or website. 

Here are a few simple ways that you increase the traffic to your course/webinar page(s) on Embodia:

  • If you have a website, link to your course/webinar page(s) and make sure the anchor text (ie: the text written on the page) is the name of your course/webinar. For example, Sensory-Motor Dysregulation - An Effective Target for Persistent Pain with Carolyn Vandyken of Reframe Rehab.

  • Reach out to those in your network who have a website and who might be interested in sharing your course/webinar with their community. Ask if they will link to your course/webinar page from their website.

  • Write a guest blog for Embodia or another relevant site.

  • If you have a YouTube channel, post a short video about your course and link to your course from the description. YouTube is the only social media channel that affects your SEO!
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