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Train the Trainer Part 4: Sell Your Course

If you are a Clinic Academy member, please refer to this help article to learn how to generate your own coupon codes. The information below is for Embodia Academy instructors only.

Embodia can set up a coupon code that will provide a discount on your course. Please contact Maggie at to set up a code for your course.

Here's the setup page for coupon codes:

Coupon codes on Embodia Academy

The information required to set up a coupon code is:

  • Percent (%) discount
  • Expiry date (all codes have an expiry date but it can be set for years into the future)
  • Which course(s)/resource package(s) the code can be applied to
  • Max number of uses: how many times can a practitioner use this coupon code. For example, entering 1x use means they can use the code 1x even if the code could be applied to multiple courses

Additional information that can be added on coupon code set up:

  • Practitioner: if the coupon code is for a specific practitioner, we can limit its use to that practitioner only. This requires that the practitioner has created an account on Embodia (creating an account is free)
  • Webinar: a coupon code can be associated with a webinar. This means that only those who registered for the webinar can use the coupon code

When a potential course attendee is about to purchase your course, they can enter the coupon code to receive the percent discount:

Coupon codes for your course on Embodia
It's important to note that coupon codes cannot be applied to a course bundle. Learn more about Course bundles in this help article.

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