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Train the Trainer Part 3: Recording 101

One of your options for recording your content is to capture just the audio of you delivering your presentation. There are many ways you can go about recording your audio, which you can learn more about in this course’s section on audio, starting with this help article. Sending us the audio files and associated PowerPoint presentation/PDF will allow us to assemble them into a course for you.

All we need you to do is state which slide you are on when you start recording, and again with each slide change.

Recording your content for your course on Embodia

The way we assemble lessons sent to us in this way is to convert the slideshow into pictures, bring them into our video editing software, and synchronize the slideshow images with your audio delivery. This is why it is helpful to us if you state what slide you are on whenever you change slides. It makes it easier to keep track of where we are in the presentation without visual reference.

Recording your content for your course on Embodia

We will edit out whenever you say the slide number or "next slide" along with any errors you might make while delivering the information. When you make a mistake, please go back a couple of sentences, or to the top of the slide, and go back over what you had said. You don't need to start a new recording anytime you make a mistake.

Alternatively, you could use your audio recordings and PowerPoint file to build the course yourself using our Presentation Lesson function outlined in this help article.

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