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Train the Trainer Part 2 - Create your Course on Embodia

The majority of courses on Embodia are made up of video lessons. Additionally, patient exercises and education are often also videos. 

There are two ways that you can add a video to your course when using the text editor:

Option 1: Click the Video icon in the toolbar:

Upload a video to your course on Embodia Academy

This option allows you to insert a video from another video server, such as YouTube or Vimeo. When you click the Video icon, this pop up will appear where you can paste a URL (such as from YouTube):

Upload a video to your course on Embodia Academy

Option 2: Click Browse at the bottom of the text editor and choose a video from your device to upload. 

Upload a video to your course on Embodia Academy

Once you have selected a file, click Upload. You will then see a progress bar that will indicate how far along your upload is (watch the video below to see what this looks like). Do not close this page or navigate away from it while the video is being uploaded.

Video upload times may vary based on the size of your video and your connection speed. If you are having trouble uploading a video, please perform a quick internet speed test.

Here's a short video walkthrough of the two options:

Please note: the button 'Update lesson duration' is now called 'Edit meta data'

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