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Train the Trainer Part 2 - Create your Course on Embodia

Embodia uses a simple text editor for the creation of much of its content. You will see the same text editor when you:

  • Edit your Course Info Page
  • Create Lessons in your course
  • Add Patient Exercises
  • Add Patient Education

If you haven't used a text editor before, here is a general overview of how to get started. 

Here is what the text editor on Embodia looks like:

Using the Text Editor on Embodia

Using this text editor, you can enter text, images, downloads, and videos. 
It functions much like any word processor, with options along the top to edit, insert, and format your information. 

Aside from free typing into the text box, the main functions you will be using are the buttons to Link, Upload an Image, and Upload a Video; these buttons are highlighted below:

Using the Text Editor on Embodia

Additionally, at the bottom of the text editor you can choose to upload a video from your device:

Using the Text Editor on Embodia

We suggest you explore the text editor when you get started in order to get comfortable with its functions, so you can enter your course information with greater ease. 

In the following lessons, we will teach you the following functions in the text editor:

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