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Train the Trainer Part 1: An Introduction to Embodia

Each course on Embodia is broken down into smaller parts, creating natural points to stop and return to and allowing courses to be conveniently completed in more than one sitting.

Breaking a course into smaller pieces makes it easier for your students to find where they left off, easily come back to review a concept, and feel accomplished while completing your course! 

On Embodia, each section of a course is called a Category.

For example, in this sample course there are 3 categories - Welcome and Resources, Anatomy, and Conclusion:

Categories in an Embodia course


Within each category, you can add a wide variety of Course Material which you can see by clicking on the 'Add Course Material' button:

Add course materials on Embodia

Categories and Course Materials are how you build your online course. You can customize your course by using different types of course material depending on the information you want to cover.

A detailed explanation about creating each type of course material and how they can be used can be found in the following help articles: Lessons, Presentation lessons: Setup, Embeddable PDFs, Quizzes, Feedback forms, Surveys and Exams.

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