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Telerehabilitation on Embodia

If you use a third-party calendar (like Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar), you can sync your consults to your external calendar (i.e. your Embodia consults will appear on your external calendar).

To do so, click on Consults > Export > Private calendar URL.

Syncing consults to your external calendar with Embodia

In the private calendar URL page, you can find instructions on how to subscribe to popular third-party calendars on your Embodia consult calendar. To generate your unique URL, click on Get my private calendar URL.

Please note that it may take some time before your consults get synced with the third-party calendar (up to 24 hours for Google Calendar).

Below is an example of Embodia consults in a Google calendar. Embodia does not display any sensitive patient information in your Google calendar:

Syncing consults to your external calendar with Embodia

What's the difference between calendar syncing and integration?

In both cases, your Embodia bookings will appear on your external calendar, but when a calendar is integrated, you can choose to block off your schedule on Embodia if it conflicts with events created directly on your Google Calendar.

Integration with a Google Calendar is only available to Tier 3 users, you can learn more about our memberships here. If you would like to integrate your Embodia calendar with a Google calendar, take a look at our help article, Connecting to Google Calendar.

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