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Clinics on Embodia

The clinic manager needs to create the clinic account on Embodia, as they will be the one to manage the payments and the account.

The Clinic Manager can: 

  • Add payment;
  • Invite practitioners to join the clinic;
  • Add/Remove practitioners;
  • Set up clinic content (consent forms and customized emails that go out to patients).

Log in to Embodia and click on your avatar (initials or photo in the top right corner), and then on My Membership. Choose the 'Clinic membership' option.

Create a clinic membership on Embodia


Just like a physical clinic, a clinic on Embodia is a group of practitioners working together. Being grouped together under one clinic on Embodia will enable additional functionality for sharing patients and resources. 

Each clinic can only have one manager. Certain features, such as management of who has access to the clinic, are only available to the manager. 

To learn how to manage your clinic, take our Embodia for Clinics course. 

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