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Home Exercise Programs (HEP) on Embodia

To use two-way messaging on Embodia, you must first enable it on your account.

Practitioners and patients can message using the Embodia web app or mobile app, the images and instructions below are what practitioners using the web app would see.

Messages on Embodia are sent as part of a conversation. You can start a conversation by going to HEP > My conversations:

Two way messaging on Embodia web app


or from the patient profile by going to Communication > Conversations:

Starting a conversation from the patient's profile

Click on New conversation:

My conversations on Embodia web app

Select a patient, enter a subject, and write your message. Click Send:Send a message on Embodia web app

To add to an existing conversation, click on the conversation:

Conversations on Embodia web app

To send a new message as part of the conversation, type in the text box:

Conversation on Embodia web app

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