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Home Exercise Programs (HEP) on Embodia

The first time a patient is added to Embodia, you will see this notification in their profile:

First email notification on Embodia


This notification exists if the patient has never signed up or has never been prescribed an exercise, education, or outcome measure (this includes with other clinics/clinicians).

If the patient has been prescribed an exercise program, has had a piece of education shared, or has been prescribed an outcome measure, but has not signed up, you will see this notification:

Patient has not signed up on Embodia


By clicking on Other actions, you can also:

  • Resend them their welcome email;
  • Print/copy a welcome package to send to your patient here, with instructions on how to sign up, how to sign in, how to view their exercises and education, and how to track their symptom levels. 

Resend or printing a welcome package on Embodia



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