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Practice Management on Embodia - Part 3: Billing

The actions described here require a Managing patient invoices permission on your account. You can check with the clinic manager to see if you have such permission.

For packages and memberships, Embodia tracks the amount remaining and the number of patient invoice payments applied from the package. So if you generate one invoice per visit, and apply one payment to that invoice, this will also translate to tracking the number of visits.

Once a package or membership has been assigned to a patient, you can use it to pay a patient invoice. From the patient invoice, click on Add a payment:

Patient invoice on Embodia


In the popup form, there will be an additional drop-down to select an assigned package:

Paying an invoice using a package on Embodia


When an invoice is paid using a package, Embodia will deduct the amount of the invoice payment from the total value of the package and will display this as the amount remaining. You can see this information on the package page (under Amount remaining and Payments count). The package page will also list all the payments that were applied to the package.

Patient package page on Embodia


If you want to offer a discount on your regular rates if a patient purchases a package, there are 2 ways to go about doing that:

1. Automatic discount
You can specify the discount percentage on the package/membership by clicking on "Automatically deduct payment from this package when a new patient invoice is created" and then entering the discount amount in the next field:

Discounted rate when paying with a package on Embodia


The next time an invoice is generated, as long as the package can cover the payment, Embodia will automatically apply the discount to the invoice line item, create a payment from the package, deduct the amount from the balance, and increment the payment count.

2. Manual discount
If you do not wish to use the automatic discount, you can use the following process:

    • When the patient comes for a visit, generate an invoice;
    • Go into the invoice and edit the line item of the service to reflect the discount;
    • Create a payment, and select the package as the method to pay for the invoice.
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