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Practice Management on Embodia - Part 1: Charting

Chart items are the basic building blocks of a patient chart. Each patient chart will be comprised of a collection of chart items.

You can make your own chart items, as outlined in the help article, Creating chart items

To browse and use the pre-built chart items available on Embodia, click Charting > Charting settings >Choose *For my personal account or For the Clinic account > Chart items tab:

Pre-built chart items on Embodia

 'For the clinic account' means that the other practitioners in your clinic (or future practitioners, if your clinic grows) will also have access to them. Anything created under 'For my personal account' will remain private to you alone.

Scroll to the bottom and click, Browse pre-built chart items.

Pre-built chart items on Embodia

Select any of the pre-built items you would like to use in your charts. 

pre-built chart items on Embodia

Click, Create a chart item from this template, to make it available to use in your charts. You will then be able to make any edits and changes to the chart item such as adding or removing questions and changing the order of items. 

pre-built chart items on Embodia

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