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Practice Management on Embodia - Part 1: Charting

Files can be uploaded to a patient's profile from 2 sources:

  • By uploading a file from questionnaires. For more information, please refer to this help article.
  • By uploading a file from a chart entry (more information below).

The first step to being able to upload a file in a chart entry is to create chart items that can handle file uploads. 

Start by creating a chart item (more info here), and adding a question of type "File upload". We recommend creating multiple chart items for files and naming them based on the file types that you usually upload (for instance, one chart item for "Imaging result", one chart item for "Doctor's note", etc...). This way, it will be easy to identify the type of file uploaded without the need to download it if the browser does not support previewing the file.

Once such chart items exist, you can start a new chart entry (more info here) and add the appropriate chart item for the file you would like to upload.


Viewing all uploaded files for a patient

If you would like to view all the files uploaded for (or by) a patient, from the patient profile, click on Charting > Uploaded files.

Uploading files to a patient profile on Embodia

The files listed on this page are:

  • The files uploaded by you or one of your colleagues in the clinic as part of a signed chart entry. The upload source will show "Chart entry" along with the name of the chart item in parentheses.
  • The files uploaded by your patient when filling out a questionnaire shared with them by you or one of your colleagues. The upload source will show "Questionnaire" along with the name of the questionnaire in parentheses.

To view the full context of the file uploaded, click on View chart entry or View questionnaire, depending on the upload source.

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