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Practice Management on Embodia - Part 2: Scheduling

The actions described in this lesson require a Manager permission on your clinic.

This lesson will go over how to set up statuses for your consults. These statuses can be used to track the status of a patient in a consult (such as "Arrived", "No show", etc...) and can automatically generate invoices based on your preference.

To manage your statuses, click on My clinic > Scheduling settings > Statuses.

Setting up your statuses on Embodia

To add a status, click on Add a status and enter the name of the status.

Check the checkbox beside Generates invoice if you would like this status to automatically generate a draft invoice, and specify the amount of the invoice. You can specify a percentage of the selected service or a flat amount.

Specify if the consult should be cancelled automatically if this status is selected, and a colour (the colour will be used in the calendar view to differentiate different statuses visually):Setting up your statuses on Embodia

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