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Home Exercise Programs (HEP) on Embodia

Home Exercise Programs (HEP) on Embodia

Home Exercise Programs (HEP) on Embodia


This course will guide you through the Home Exercise Program (HEP) features available on Embodia.

Embodia provides you with a new way of prescribing engaging home exercise programs. Best of all, it is included in your Embodia Membership. Please note that the Embodia for HEP features may not be enabled on your account - they are only available if you are an Embodia member (subscribing to our service for $25/month).

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Connect with your patients on Embodia;
  • Prescribe home exercise programs to your patients;
  • Share education with your patients;
  • Track your patients' outcomes and progress between their sessions with you;
  • Create exercise templates (protocols) for commonly used injuries;
  • Use outcome measures to objectively measure your patients' progress; and
  • Facilitate communication using Embodia's private and secure two-way messaging platform.

If you have questions, send us an email at


-Your Embodia Team

The instructors
Embodia Team

Embodia is on a mission to transform the way healthcare is delivered by empowering clinicians with the tools, technology, and education to deliver data-driven care and empower clinics and content creators to maximize their success.

Embodia is for the innovative, forward-thinking clinician, owner, and organization - For those ready to embrace and embody innovation, for the change-makers.

We are committed to building new solutions for an antiquated healthcare system and to help physiotherapists and rehab pros globally redefine themselves and their expertise in a changing world.

Course Material included in this course
  • Branding
  • Intro
  • Styling
  • Contact information
  • Email communication
  • Legal
  • Business Associate Agreement
  • Resource Packages
  • Introduction to Resource Packages
  • Finding Resource Packages
  • A List of Existing Resource Packages (Aug 2020)
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