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Embodia's New In-House Telerehab Platform
By: Maggie Bergeron, PT, Co-Founder of Embodia

Zoom has changed its plans

Over the past 2.5 years, we have used Zoom for healthcare to run telerehab on Embodia.

For those who remember the pre-pandemic times, basic accounts on Zoom had a time restriction of 40 minutes per meeting.

When the pandemic hit, Zoom removed this restriction and allowed “unlimited” time (up to 24 hours per meeting), even on basic accounts.

Starting July 15, 2022, Zoom is reverting back to the 40-minute limit on basic accounts.

So starting July 15, 2022, any meeting you run using your Zoom basic account will end at the 40-minute mark. If you have logged into your Embodia account in the past week and you have a connected telerehab account through Zoom, you would have noticed a banner alerting you about this change.

In this blog, we will go into detail about the changes that Embodia has proactively taken to make the transition away from Zoom for Healthcare to Embodia's in-house telerehab platform.


I want to run consults for longer than 40 minutes, what are my options?


Option 1: Embodia’s in house telerehab

We are excited to announce that Embodia now has an in-house solution that is ready for you to use!

Embodia’s telerehab solution is fully compliant and allows for unlimited appointments and each appointment can be up to 2 hours in length. It includes video, audio, and screen sharing.

You can find more information below on how to enable this solution for your account.


Option 2: Connect your own Zoom for healthcare account

For those who still prefer to use Zoom to run telerehab on Embodia, you can connect your own Zoom for healthcare account and use it via Embodia just like before. For this option, you would need to enter into your own agreement with Zoom that will make your Zoom account compliant.

This process is fairly straightforward and you can find more information here.


What should I do?

In 2 months,  we will be transitioning away from Zoom for all basic accounts. We request at this time that you log in to your Embodia account and follow the steps outlined in the banner displayed on your account.

If you require any assistance or have any questions, we are here to help. Please reply to this email or contact us at


Why did you build your own telerehab system?

To be honest, we’ve been thinking about it for a while but decided it was time to build it when Zoom announced some months ago that it was changing how many of its plans would work. While these changes did not immediately impact Embodia and its users, we like to be prepared! 

We started building out our own solution and that proved to be a good decision. We were notified recently that Zoom would be changing all of its basic accounts to a 40-minute time limit; a change that affects Embodia and its users. With our own system ready to go, we then started testing it extensively and this week have made it available to everyone on Embodia.


Is Embodia’s in-house telerehab solution compliant with all healthcare privacy and security guidelines?

Yes, it is! Embodia’s telerehab platform is compliant with PHIPA, PIPEDA, and HIPAA. 


I’m currently using Zoom for Healthcare with Embodia, how do I transition to Embodia’s new system?

  1. If you do not have any virtual consults booked for the future, you can make the transition yourself (in under 2 minutes). First, go to Consults > My telerehab accounts. From there, follow the instructions on the screen. This should take 2 minutes or less!

  2. If you have virtual consults booked in the future, please email us at We will help make the transition to Embodia’s solution seamless. Your patients will not notice the change and your appointments will not be disturbed.


Will my patients notice the change?

All of the features and functionality on Embodia remain the same. I.e.: how you book an appointment, the appointment reminders, consent forms, etc. are all the same.

The only differences that you and your patients may notice are: 

  1. You no longer need to download an external app (ie: Zoom). Everything will run directly from your browser - simpler and easier is the name of the game!

  2. The look and feel of Embodia’s telerehab are similar to Zoom but there are some differences:
    1. There is no waiting room, so if your patient arrives first they will be in the room when you arrive.
    2. There is currently no chat feature available on Embodia's in-house telerehab platform.
    3. The solution that Embodia developed does not include the ability to record the sessions at this time. If this is vital to you, you can:
      1. Use the Embodia solution and separately use a software on your computer to record the screen, such as QuickTime (you can find more info here)
      2. Upgrade your Zoom account to a Pro license that will remove the 40-minute restriction.


Want to see it in action? Check out this short video we created:


Does this mean there will be a change to my membership fee?

Nope! There are no changes to your membership fees. We are committed to providing you and your patients with the best possible technology at no extra cost.


Can I host group sessions with Embodia’s Telerehab solution?

At the moment, Embodia’s telerehab solution has been developed for 1-1 telerehab consults. If you would like to host group sessions, you can connect your own premium Zoom for Healthcare account.


I have a group telerehab account with Embodia through Zoom, What should I do?

Not to worry! We have a solution for you too and it involves lower fees!

If you would like to continue using a group telerehab account with Zoom for Healthcare, you can sign up for one yourself via Zoom (you can learn more here).

We have created an integration with Zoom that will allow you to connect your own Zoom for Healthcare account to Embodia and continue exactly as you did before.

You might be asking yourself why you need to sign up for one yourself.  Zoom recently announced a new tier for Zoom for Healthcare for smaller clinics and individual practitioners. Previously, a Business license was required (USD 19.99/month) whereas now, you can enable Zoom for Healthcare on Pro licenses (USD 14.99/month). Given the size of the Embodia account (more than 10 licenses), we are required to sign up for Business licenses. So you can save some money by signing up for your own Zoom account.

We will contact you individually to ensure that you have made the transition successfully.


I’m new to Embodia, how can I sign up and start using Embodia’s telerehab solution?

First things first - register for a Tier 2 or 3 membership by going to My memberships on your account. You will then be able to set up your telerehab account under Consults > My telerehab accounts. You can learn more about Embodia's memberships and pricing tiers here.


About Embodia

Embodia is an all-in-one platform for rehab pros and their patients, designed by physiotherapists and clinic owners.

Complete practice management including charting, scheduling, billing, online booking, home exercise prescription (HEP), telerehabilitation, two-way messaging, and outcome measures.

Embodia is also well known for its wide range of online continuing education (live and on-demand) for healthcare professionals.

With versions for web browsers, native apps (iOS + Android), and print-friendly capabilities, Embodia can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Questions? You can contact us at

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