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How Health Professionals Can Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life

Are you a health business owner frustrated by the amount of time you are required to spend at your practice each and every week? If you have fears or frustrations about your current health business, you will be pleased to know, your solutions are all contained in this online webinar with Karim Meghji and Paul Wright.

Expert Series: How to Develop Communication, Empathy, and Power Skills to Optimize Patient Outcomes

Have you ever said something to a patient that you later regretted or thought that you could have said or explained better? If you've never focused on your 'soft skills' (or power skills), now is your opportunity to start. Join Dave Walton, Jim Millard, and Jasdeep Dhir for an introductory discussion about the theory behind effective communication and empathetic skills.

The Yoga Couch: Take Time for Self-Care with Ginger Garner

Ginger Garner explains The Yoga Couch, a great yoga posture that promotes relaxation and healing, improves posture, helps prevente generalized joint and back pain, and minimizes breathing problems, among many other benefits. Follow along in the videos with Ginger to learn how to make your own yoga couch!

An Introduction To The Integrated Systems Model (ISM) For The Complex Patient

In this upcoming one hour complimentary webinar, Diane Lee and Nicole Sullivan will discuss models that consider interdependence of body regions. They will present a synopsis of the current evidence on motor control, posture, movement, and the neuroscience of pain that informs the ISM approach.

CrossFit, Your Pelvic Floor and Peeing During Workouts by Antony Lo

In this blog, Antony Lo covers the following topics: What is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, What is “normal” and what is not, Things that do NOT help, and Things that you can do that will help

New Course Release: Special Considerations for Caesarean Section - Preparing for and Recovering from Belly Birth

A caesarean birth presents its own unique set of challenges for practitioners. Developing strategies for those scheduled for a C-section, educating our patients about caesarean but who are planning vaginal deliveries, and coping with the mental and physical trauma after birth should all be carefully considered.

Yoga and Science in Pain Care

Join the co-authors of Yoga and Science in Pain Care, Shelly Prosko, Marlysa Sullivan and Neil Pearson, for a one hour complimentary webinar! They will discuss pain, the lived experience of pain, and yoga therapy as part of evidence-based pain care.

Treating Cutaneous Nerves and Reducing Muscle Hypertonicity: What's the Connection?

A question was posed to Diane Jacobs about dermoneuromodulating (DNM) and she decided it's worth a blog post because way too many physiotherapists and manual therapy practitioners out there in the big wide world still think they must have magic hands or something, and their instructors never explained to them that they don't.

How to Develop Communication, Empathy, and Soft Skills to Optimize Patient Outcomes

Join Dave Walton, Jim Millard, and Jasdeep Dhir for a complimentary one hour webinar! This is an introductory discussion to the theory behind effective communication and empathetic skills guided by leaders in the field of interpersonal communication and connection.

Expert Series: Yoga as a Therapeutic Approach in Pelvic Health Care with Shelly Prosko

Yoga is one of the most popular complementary health practices and is increasingly becoming more recognized and valued by health professionals and organizations. Join Shelly Prosko as she explores the growing research that shows yoga can be safe and effective for people with certain pelvic health conditions.

New Course Release: Understanding Post-Traumatic Headache

Meaghan Adams' Understanding Post-Traumatic online course teaches rehabilitation practitioners about the connection between headache and trauma, the types of headache that can be caused or exacerbated by traumatic injuries, how to differentiate between headache types, and how to treat patients with the various presentations of post-traumatic headache in your own practice.

Expert Series: How To Find The Right Marketing For Your Clinic?

Are you overwhelmed with online marketing trends? Google, Facebook, and Instagram seem to be changing algorithms every week and it can be difficult to keep up. Join Andy Belanger for this recorded online webinar so that you can find The Right Marketing For Your Clinic.