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Academy Comparison Chart

Embodia has developed several Academy options to meet the needs of clinical instructors, practitioners, and clinic owners. Each of these options comes with a complete learning management system (LMS) so that you can deliver high-quality online continuing education to healthcare professionals around the world.

Diastasis Rectus Abdominis: How to use an evidence-informed approach when the evidence is still evolving

Join Dr. Sinead Dufour and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association for a discussion about diastasis rectus abdominis (DRA), a common condition among postpartum women. This blog will help you adopt an evidence-informed approach to managing DRA when the evidence is slim and sometimes contradictory.

Top Tips for Working From Home Pain Free

With more and more people working from home, sometimes in makeshift office spaces and a high percentage of the population suffering from back pain, it is important to have tips at the ready for patients seeking advice on how to work from home pain-free. This blog outlines these top tips from Dr. Jonas Eyford and we link to his free online continuing education course where you can learn more.

Using the Hybrid Model of Care to Progress Rehabilitative Healthcare

Learn about the hybrid model of care and how telerehabilitation can be used by rehabilitation practitioners in the current and post-pandemic world to help further the field of healthcare, as described by Dr. Ben Fung and Jerry Durham in their “Patient Engagement & the Hybrid Model of Care in Physiotherapy” online course.

Building Resilience & Burnout Prevention for Physiotherapists and Healthcare Professionals

As healthcare professionals, we are constantly required to meet the physical and emotional needs of our patients and their families. While this is an immensely rewarding career, one of the biggest challenges facing the profession of physiotherapy is burnout and compassion fatigue. In this blog, we will discuss evidence-based strategies to reduce burnout and compassion fatigue.

Converting Patients to Virtual Visits with Darryl Yardley

In this blog, Darryl Yardley and Maggie Bergeron discuss the direction healthcare is moving in the post-pandemic world including the benefits of virtual care and how to implement it into your physiotherapy or rehabilitation practice.

Anti-Racism & Allyship for Rehab and Movement Professionals

We are united in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. We stand against systemic racism and acknowledge the brutal harms and acts of hatred committed daily. If we’ve learned anything from the past weeks, it’s that words can only go so far. We also need action. For Embodia, this starts by ensuring everyone feels safe and by promoting education through open and honest conversation.⁠

How to Grow your Bottom Line With 1 Simple Question

Do you know how to apply efforts and methods into your business that leads to results - right now? In this blog, we'll discuss 1 simple question into your business that leads to increased revenue and we'll explore how to apply this question in an automated, simple way.

LGBTTIQQ2SA and Cultural and Religious Competencies in Healthcare

We live in societies in which heterosexism, heteronormativity, and homophobia are all present and create significant barriers for LGBTQ+ identified persons to receive quality health care. This blog will help you to obtain a deeper understanding of the unique health care needs of the LGBTQ+ communities in order to provide better care

TRANSforming Rehabilitative Health for Gender-Diverse People: A Healthcare Practitioner’s Guide

This blog discusses the discrimination the L.G.T.B.Q.I.A.+ community faces with healthcare and how practitioners can come together to address this. Education is the first step to overcoming discrimination, read to find out why and which online course you can take with Embodia to achieve this.

Resources for Deepening Understanding of Racism in the Context of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

This blog contains some resources contributed by Stephanie Nixon for a deepening understanding of racism in the context of physiotherapy (physical therapy) and rehabilitation.

New Feature Release: Communication & Connection

In this blog, we have 4 new features to report to our community and they are all centered around communication and connection with patients.

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