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Free Continuing Education Courses for Physiotherapists During and After COVID
By: Nataliya Zlotnikov, MSc, HBSc

What Do COVID, Continuing Education, and Recessions Have in Common?


"Historically, recessions have led to upswings in participation in higher education:
Statistics Canada found that in 2009-2010, at the tail end of the Great Recession, four out of ten university and college graduates chose to pursue further postsecondary education" (Aschaiek, 2020).



Is COVID Having the Same Effect?

Many universities and platforms across Canada have seen a sharp rise in continuing education, with many Canadians using the extra at-home time to enhance their current professional skills as well as retrain for new ones (Aschaiek, 2020).


Continuing Education for Healthcare Practitioners

Most of us think that developing our clinical skills will result in happier patients and better outcomes, but as it turns out there are other skills that are equally as important as our clinical ones.

Developing your ability to listen, empathize and build a therapeutic alliance with your patients is critical to improving outcomes and reducing self-discharge rates.

In a 2011 systematic review by Hush et al., researchers found that treatment outcomes did not affect patient satisfaction. The overall value was based on the strength of the connection and empathy.

Treatment outcomes do not affect patient satisfaction

Patients rate the value of their physiotherapy sessions based on the strength of the relationship they feel they have with you!



Are Your Patients Satisfied?

Are your patients satisfied with your sessions?

Would they describe you as an empathetic and caring practitioner?

Or do you instead subscribe to the more emotionally-removed, traditional Western clinical approach?

If you've always shied away from empathy and strong patient-practitioner relationships, our course, 6 Skills in 6 Weeks may help you increase patient satisfaction.

Although, if you are already here reading this blog, it is highly likely that you already possess those strong relationships. In which case, it is possible that you may be experiencing compassion fatigue (or may have experienced it at a time in your career).

You take care of others so much in your day to day, but when was the last time you took care of yourself? 


Learn 6 Skills in 6 Weeks



Take Care of Yourself! 

Now, more than ever, self-care is of utmost importance!

“Findings show that loving-kindness meditation improves well-being and feelings of connection over and above other positive-affect inductions, at both explicit and implicit levels, while decreasing self-focus in under 10 minutes and in novice meditators” (Seppala et al., 2014).

Loving-kindness meditation research


Guided Loving-Kindness Meditation with Shelly Prosko

Here is a free guided loving-kindness meditation with Shelly Prosko from week 6 (Self-Care & Avoiding Burnout) of our 6-week course.

Before starting this 11-minute loving-kindness meditation, make sure to find a comfortable position and put away or silence your devices if possible.




Importance of Digital Marketing

Now that we are relaxed, let's talk business!

These days it seems we are all scrambling to get our digital marketing game on, I don't know about you, but digital marketing is definitely not my forte (yet)!

If your PT, massage or osteo school did not teach you digital marketing, or if you would just like to brush up on your marketing skills by learning from the pros, we invite you to check out this 3-minute Digital Marketing Introductory video with Growth Marketer, Julian D'Angelo, from week 3, PT as a Manager - Leadership, Business, Branding.


PT as a Manager - Leadership, Business, Branding With Growth Marketer, Julian D'Angelo


6 Skills in 6 Weeks

This course, 6 Skills in 6 Weeks: Free Online Physiotherapy Course, is your chance to hone your soft skills so that you can better take care of others as well as yourself.

This is a free online physiotherapy course with over 4 hours of content from an all-star line-up of instructors! Learn from the best in class on your time and schedule. 

Learn 6 Skills in 6 Weeks


In This Course You Will Learn:

  • Week 1, Skill 1: The Therapeutic Alliance
  • Week 2, Skill 2: Cultural Sensitivity
  • Week 3, Skill 3: PT as a Manager - Leadership, Business, Branding
  • Week 4, Skill 4: The Patient Experience
  • Week 5, Skill 5: Ongoing education & Scholarly Practice
  • Week 6, Skill 6: Self-Care & Avoiding Burn-Out


The Instructor Line-Up 

  • Carolyn Vandyken 
  • Nelly Faghani
  • Darryl Yardley
  • Julie Wiebe
  • Bahram Jam
  • Jim Millard
  • Alison Sim
  • Randy Goodman
  • Shelley Mannell
  • Jodi Steele
  • Shelly Prosko
  • Debbie Patterson
  • Mike Stewart
  • Meaghan Adams
  • and many more!

We are very excited about this course and hope that after taking a look at these videos you are excited about it as well!


Learn 6 Skills in 6 Weeks


Of course, this course will not teach you everything you need to know about mindfulness mediation, digital marketing, or any of the other subject matters covered; it is just the beginning!


More Learning 

If any of the instructors or topics in this course hit home and piqued your curiosity about a subject matter, check out some of our full-length free and paid courses from our collection

You can search by instructor name or area of interest. 


Talk to the Community 

We would love to hear from you should you have any questions, would like a course recommendation or would simply like to chat with us!

Remember, we are all one community and we must take care of each other - you are not alone!

Happy learning!


Date written: 15 November 2020 
Last update: 1 Novermber 2021

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