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New Feature Release: Group Telerehabilitation on Embodia

Teaching classes and hosting group sessions online opens up a new world of possibilities.

Just like training for face-to-face interactions and teaching, online teaching requires you to familiarize yourself with the tools to get it right.

Using Embodia, physiotherapists, rehabilitation professionals, and clinic owners can host a private, secure group telerehabilitation session with up to 300 participants.

In this blog, we are going to outline how group telerehab on Embodia works; we will guide you on how to schedule appointments, we will guide you through advanced features (including playing music and polls), and we will provide you with tips to setup your space well.

Group telerehab on Embodia includes all of the features available for one-on-one telerehab:

  • Meet online with one patient at a time for unlimited length of time;
  • Unlimited number of sessions (no concurrent sessions);
  • Share your screen during consults;
  • Text chat and share links and documents;
  • Ability to schedule, edit, and cancel consults;
  • Add digital consent forms;
  • Customize the emails sent out to participants;
  • Adjust settings to allow patients to cancel ;
  • Include questionnaires for patients to fill out before or after the session; and
  • Prescribe complimentary education and exercises that your patients can view, access, and track on free mobile and web apps. Learn more about the digital home exercise program (HEP) features here.

In addition to the above, group telerehabilitation allows you to meet with up to 300 participants in one consult, play music (think group workout class!), and you have the option to add polls to the session.

In order to setup a group telerehab consult, first make sure you have this Premium feature enabled on your account. Contact us at if you would like to add this feature to your account.

Here are the 3 Steps to Using Group Telerehab!


Step 1: Setup the consult

First, setup the consult on Embodia and choose the settings of the consult the same way that you do for one-on-one consults. When setting up the consult, choose:

  • Whether or not you want a consent form attached that all participants will need to agree to before they can join the consult:
  • Your email customizations (branded emails for your clinic or practice as well as additional information you would like your patient to know ahead of the consult)
  • Choose your consult settings: here you can choose whether your patient can cancel the consult, choose which email your patient replies to, and choose whether your patients receive reminder emails.

Note: The default settings on Embodia are that your patients cannot cancel (unless they email or call you directly), replies to the consult emails go to the Embodia Support team, and they receive reminders 2 days, 24 hours, and 2 hours before a consult. 


Step 2: Add more participants

Once you have the consult setup, you can add more patients. To do so, click 'Add More Patients':

Watch the first 2 Steps in this Short Video:

Step 3: Polls

With group telerehabilitation on Embodia, you can choose to setup polls.  Click on the polls section:

Then click, 'Add a new poll':

You can add as many poll questions as you like. You can choose to allow participants to pick one answer only or multiple answers:

Watch How to Setup Polls and Play Music in Session in this Short Video:


That's it! Group telerehabiliation is a great way to host workout classes, workshops, and educational sessions for large numbers of patients. This can act as a promotional opportunity for you and your clinic to book more initial consults and as an additional revenue stream.

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