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The Most Essential Skills Every Private Practice Owner Must Develop And Hone Right Now

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

- Alexander Graham Bell 


Close the door on what you did and how you used to do it. Shut the door to that bygone era. Most everything has changed since.

We are in the midst of a virus and fear-driven economic crisis. Times of crisis present a pendulum swing of opportunity - whatever the crisis, there is always a counter move.

There was a pre-COVID world and there will be a post-COVID world - and the skills, tools, and talent that you need to not only survive, but thrive in this brave new world are different than what was needed before. The new world will be different for all of us - independent contractors, employees, organizations, but most of all clinic owners.



The Chinese word for crisis is made up of two characters: 危' and '机

'危' means danger

'机' means opportunity (and can also mean pivot or crucial point)


The world, society, culture, and the economy as we knew it is over. We will not return to “normal.” There will be a very different “normal,” and it will bring with it incredible new opportunities for those who find them first. 


General Questions

Our job as leaders is to help our teams mitigate risk and navigate through this, and then take advantage of the massive opportunities that are coming.

Question 1: What are the creative thinking and strategic analysis required to minimize any potential danger and help you reposition your focus to find the incredible opportunities that are emerging and will continue to develop, in this post-COVID-19 reality?

Question 2: What are the important questions we need to ask ourselves right now to help prepare for our big comeback and to find our breakthrough to propel us forward in the post-COVID world?

Question 3: Now is the time for NEW IDEAS - new products, models, and services. It will never be easier and it will never be more readily received. There are going to be unique needs. What are those new needs that exist in healthcare and how can you be a first mover in addressing those needs?


How Can You Adjust Your Business In Response To The Pandemic? 

  • Moving online in some capacity while being mindful as to how you curate the experience to match your patients and current times
  • "Getting more out of all you've got"
  • Create a consistent communication plan
  • Provide information and education to clients and clinicians as to how to transition to tele- rehabilitation.
  • Highlight the benefits of tele-rehabilitation and how in some cases this mode of delivery can be better than in person care
  • Taking some time to pause and revisit the literature and reflect on how I practice and where my passion and joy is – so that I can share more of this with my team and clients

For more information you can download our complimentary Handout 'The most essential skills every private practice owner must develop and hone right now' by Maggie bergeron, Connor Massimo, Heather King, & Brad Cote.

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