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5 Ways the Right EMR Software can Help you Fill your Patient Caseload

There’s more than one way to cook an egg, and the best egg dishes are a combination of the right ingredients. This wisdom applies to many situations, including how to fill your patient caseload.

The best clinics use a mixture of marketing to get patients through the door, good bedside manner, and a disciplined follow-up strategy.

But, as much as a great experience is essential to retain your patients, other factors will inevitably influence whether they return. Some of these factors you may never have guessed can be done with the right EMR software.

This article presents 5 ways to increase patient retention  by working smarter (not harder!) using the right clinic software.

When you choose the right software solution, it’s like hiring an awesome new team member. They understand your clinic, its culture, and its patient base, and that can make all the difference in enhancing your efforts to build that revolving door of patients.

Without further ado, here are 5 ways the right EMR can help you fill your patient caseload:

  1. Text, Email, Robocall? Let your patients tell you the best way to reach them with appointment reminders and special promotions.

EMR software solutions, like Juvonno, offer all three automated reminder options because not every patient will have the same communication preferences or habits. This added convenience allows you to stay connected with patients and ultimately reduce no-shows.

       2. Optimize your use of an online patient portal.

Juvonno’s portal enables you to tailor your clinic’s online booking availability to certain practitioners, times, and services. You may find your  Monday and Friday  morning time slots fill up quickly. Not only will the right EMR solution provide insights on when your peak hours are and which services are most popular, but it will also allow  you to tailor the online booking experience for your patients so you can fill those less popular time slots online as a priority. You may decide to limit your online booking availability to Tuesday-Thursday for RMT services for example. Data insights can help  guide you and the right EMR can allow you to adapt your online schedule accordingly.  Every clinic is different, and the right EMR should be able to accommodate your unique practice.  An online patient portal is also an effective way to keep patients engaged and their treatment plans on track. Juvonno’s patient portal gives patients a way to access past invoice records for tax purposes, see what’s remaining of their insurance coverage, access prescribed exercise plans, pay outstanding invoices, and lots more.

      3. Chart electronically and increase your treatable hours by spending less time on paperwork.

Paper has its purpose. But electronic charting offers a plethora of efficiencies you simply can’t replicate on paper, including features that make most practitioners a little giddy. For instance, speech to text your chart notes, enter a keyword to auto-populate a block of frequently used text, or use Juvonno’s Copy Chart feature to duplicate a patient’s previous chart.  When done with the right EMR, electronic charting will save you up to 1 hour a day so you can focus more time on direct patient care and giving patients an excellent experience.

      4. A Waitlist Feature. Period.

This simple yet powerful tool means you can fill last minute openings and optimize your schedule.

     5. Insights and Performance Metrics at your fingertips

As they say, you don’t know what you don’t know. The right EMR software will give you the data-driven insights you need to identify whether you are successfully increasing your patient caseload. Have your re-booking rates improved? Have your billable hours increased? Your EMR can tell you, so you can turn insights into action.

At the end of the day, filling your patient caseload is about putting together the right ingredients to create an outstanding healthcare experience for patients. Your clinic brings the personality and expertise, so let the right EMR take care of the rest.


Written by Patty Romeo,

VP of Marketing

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