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Setting the Standard - Physical Therapists Leading the Charge in Concussion Care Excellence

Setting the Standard - Physical Therapists Leading the Charge in Concussion Care Excellence

Setting the Standard - Physical Therapists Leading the Charge in Concussion Care Excellence

Mar 12, 2024 - 19:00 (EDT)
1 hour


This webinar is for clinicians and physical therapy students who are either interested in, or are already working with, concussion clients.

Learning Objectives

Upon the conclusion of this webinar, participants will:

  1. Possess the ability to discern and debunk prevalent myths surrounding concussions that persist within the mainstream medical community.
  2. Acquire the capability to recognize "yellow flags" in acute concussion cases, which may predispose clients to an elevated risk of developing persistent concussion symptoms.
  3. Gain an understanding of the seven concussion profiles/phenotypes and learn how to employ this framework effectively in their assessment procedures.

Speaker Bio

Natasha Wilch, Physiotherapist and Embodia Instructor

I’m Natasha Wilch - concussion mentor, clinician, clinic owner, entrepreneur and all around passionate leader. 

With over a decade of experience as a Registered Physical Therapist and seven years dedicated to working with concussion clients, I have honed my expertise to the point where clients travel from all corners of North America to seek my specialized concussion rehabilitation services at Symphony Brain Performance, the clinic I founded in 2015.

My life was forever changed the day my first concussion client walked into my clinic. Since that time I’ve made it my mission to elevate and transform the conversation and culture of concussion on a global scale. And I am not your average mentor. Yes, I will impart neuroscience, guide you through evidence-based practices, and keep you up to date with the latest research. But it goes beyond that. I lead with both mind and compassionate heart, blending science with spirit, and logic with intuition. This holistic approach may challenge some because it transcends the confines of black-and-white thinking. But it is precisely this blend that makes me exceptional in what I do. And it is precisely this blend that will catapult you to become a trusted authority in concussion management in your area.

Together, we will shape the future of concussion management, empower others, and leave an indelible mark on the world.


Webinar Registration

The cost to register for this webinar is as follows (all prices in CAD):

  • Regular registration: $20
  • CPA Member registration: $10
  • Embodia Member registration: $10
  • Members of the Neuroscience Health Division: FREE (please check your email for a coupon code from the division). If you don't see the email please contact the division at

The webinar will be recorded and made available as an on-demand course on Embodia Academy. The course, resources, and certificate of completion will be available for free to webinar registrants.


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CPA Members get:

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The instructors
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