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Visioneering: A repeatable process for achieving goals

Visioneering: A repeatable process for achieving goals

Visioneering: A repeatable process for achieving goals

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Course Description

Visioneering is a process of making a goal into reality through techniques involving focused attention on a positive mental image related to achieving a particular goal.

Sounds easy does it? We all know mindset is key for success, but how come we don't all use this to our advantage? Are you and your clients getting the results you want? Would a greater understanding of how our mind functions help support you and your clients? 

With this course you will be introduced to and will discover your own mental muscles. Right now, in this very moment you have access to six higher mental faculties that when properly understood and developed will take your performance to an incredible level. 

This course is designed to improve your mental game and training at all levels. Ask any professional in sport and they will tell you that your mental game is the biggest advantage you have. In fact, its 95% mindset and 5% strategy. Whether it is recovering from a rotator cuff injury or going after an olympic gold medal, your mindset is vital to your success. 

This six week journey will open you up to achieve what you want and to help you to empower your clients when achieving their goals. With the proper use of your mental faculties you will achieve some extraordinary things. Not only are you going to receive a deep understanding, but you will learn how to integrate these new beliefs into your behaviour to achieve the results you desire. 

Course Objectives

  • Understanding of how our mind functions
  • Application and use of visualization tools and skillset
  • Developing proper goals and the characteristic necessary for their achievement
  • In depth study of our six mental faculties
  • How to differentiate from the use of our sensory factors and mental faculties
  • Practical application, exercises and worksheets to integrate knowledge with behaviour
  • An in depth understanding and ability to use Visioneering to help you and your clients achieve worthy goals

This purchase includes 

This course is designed to be a six week course. It includes multiple videos for each weeks lesson. There is a five day work booklet for each week. Each worksheet could take 10-20 minutes. This is designed so that you not only know the information but are able to use and apply the information so you can see results.  There is no start date or completion date. With purchase of this course you receive Indefinite access. You can return to this course at any time and repeat it as many times as you like (twice is my suggestion).  If any material is updated or added, you will have access to the new content.

Areas of application

Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine; Sports; Orthopaedics; Neuroscience; Leadership. This content can be used in the areas of Private Practise/Business; Pain Science; Women’s Health; Paediatrics; Seniors. 

Who Is This Course For

This course is relevant to all healthcare professionals no matter your experience level. This understanding can help client treatment and care. Great for clients looking to learn more about who they are and achieving their goals related to health and fitness.  


This online course is open to all health care professionals. No prerequisites required.

The instructors
Kayla Baran

Kayla is a physiotherapist and entrepreneur from Regina Saskatchewan. She graduated with distinction in 2015 from her bachelors in Kinesiology majoring in Humans Kinetics and Adapted Movement Science. She completed her Masters of Physical Therapy at the University of Saskatchewan in 2017. Kayla believes that it is essential to have a holistic approach to health and wellness. She enjoys using acupuncture, myofascial release and education as part of her treatments. Her areas of special interest include visualization to enhance motor function, goal setting to achieve ideal health and wellness as well as the sensitive nervous system and stress. She has been studying Mind-Body research and participating in numerous courses since 2018.

As a Treaty Four person, she is passionate about upholding the Truth and Reconciliation Act and working towards better health care. She incorporates the use of the medicine wheel into her practise by addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual's health. Her goal is to promote health and well-being as preventative medicine across a person’s life span. She believes that effective treatment includes education and empowering our youth to create a healthier future. Kayla enjoys studying personal development, physical fitness, camping, fishing and traveling with her husband Nick.

Course Material included in this course
  • Week 1
  • The stick person
  • Mental faculties vs Sensory faculties
  • Goals
  • Imagination
  • Be the star
  • Summary
  • Week 2
  • Review and Reflection
  • Paradigms
  • Memory
  • Memory Techniques
  • Summary
  • Week 3
  • Review and Reflection
  • The Will
  • Focus and Concentration
  • Focus examples
  • Exercise your will
  • Decision
  • Summary
  • Week 4
  • Review and Reflection
  • Story time
  • Reason
  • Becoming a conscious creator
  • Think
  • Persistence
  • Summary
  • You2
  • Week 5
  • Review and Reflection
  • Perception
  • Laws
  • Paradigm
  • Awareness
  • Summary
  • Week 6
  • Review and Reflection
  • Intuition
  • Application
  • Visioneering
  • Finale