Embodia Academy offers instructors of all disciplines a full-service solution for online course creation.

We assist you from start to finish, helping to develop engaging, high-quality content within an accessible and easy-to-use platform.

Embodia Academy takes your educational courses to new heights.


Engage students with interactive content.

Increase revenue opportunities.

Boost accessibility & audience reach.

Provide up-to-date content & methods.

Develop a stronger community of followers.

Create a professional brand & increase awareness.

Deliver any of the following on our robust platform.

Course Material for Practitioners

Educate your students on new techniques, methods & philosophies with our interactive content options. Embodia Academy allows you to include video, audio, powerpoint, images & text within any of your modules.

Patient Education & Exercises

Provide instructional content in video, image or text format that can be prescribed to patients on the Embodia App. Here they can view your specialized exercises/content, track performance, symptoms and goals.

Dedicated Course Forums

Strengthen your community by enabling course forums. This feature allows students to engage in discussion and ask questions about your course content. Instead of email, you can respond to the group as a whole.

Look to Embodia for support at any stage.

Presentation & Content Design

Converting Live Course Material to Online Modules

Recording Content & Presentation Techniques

Editing & Uploading Your Content

Monetization Strategies

Increasing Awareness & Audience Reach

Share your passion & knowledge while building a successful, flexible career.

Course instructors currently using Embodia Academy

Neil Pearson
Life Is Now

Shelly Prosko

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Pain Solutions

Caroline Vandyken
Pelvic Health Solutions

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Pelvic Health Solutions