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Train the Trainer Part 2 - Create your Course on Embodia

This side panel of your course info page contains:

  1. A thumbnail image
  2. Title of the course
  3. Price
  4. A quick summary of what's included in the course
  5. The instructor(s) name(s)

Creating a course on Embodia Academy

1. Thumbnail Image:

If there is no thumbnail image added to your course yet, you will see the Embodia logo as shown above. Once the thumbnail image has been added, it will look something like this:

Course info page on Embodia

This is an image that the Embodia team attaches to your course. It will show up on your course page and in our course library. We usually use this image when promoting your course on social media as well - consistency is queen!

You can change the thumbnail image yourself, but we suggest contacting us first to make sure we have the appropriate rights to use the image. 

To learn how to upload a thumbnail image to your course, visit the help article Course thumbnail images.


2. Title of the course:

Below the thumbnail image, the title of the course will be displayed as you have provided it to us. The title can be changed at any time, but in general, we suggest choosing a title and sticking with it unless you believe the title is impacting sales, or we believe the title is impacting your SEO (search engine optimization).

More information about SEO is included in the help article, SEO and Ranking on Google Search.


3. Price:

The price of your course is displayed below the title of your course. The price can be changed at any time. If your course is discounted for a promotion, this will be displayed (a crossed-out price in black, and the promotional price in yellow): 

Course info page on Embodia

To view and update information about pricing, click Edit settings at the bottom of the Course Info page. Select Pricing in the left-hand column and the current information about your course will appear. 

Course info page on Embodia

The Cost of the course is the regular price (in cents). Most courses on Embodia are displayed in CA (Canadian dollars). If you would like to display your course in USD please contact us first at

Below Cost, the Discount Cost is displayed. You can choose to discount your course and our software will automatically end the discounted price on the date you select.

Course info page on Embodia 

4. What's included in the course:

The list of what is included provides an overview of what an attendee gets when they buy your course. It includes how long the course material will take to complete, what exercises, education, or templates are included, the duration of access, and if a certificate of completion will be issued:

Course info page on Embodia

This information can be updated by clicking Edit settings on the Course Info page and selecting Settings from the left side panel: 

Course info page on Embodia

5. The instructors:

A list of the instructor(s) associated with the course and a link to their bio is included:

Course info page on Embodia

You cannot change your instructor information including how your name is displayed, bio, headshot, or credentials. We maintain this information on our backend so that we can update it in one place and the update will take effect across all pages you are listed as the instructor (for example: webinar pages, course pages, and blogs). Please contact us to update your instructor information. 

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