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Train the Trainer Part 2: How to Create Your Course on Embodia

To edit the Main Section go to the bottom of the page and click 'Edit Course.'


Creating a course on Embodia

You will be brought to the text editor.

Each section of the Course Info Page is listed in the menu on the left. Under the General tab, you can edit the Course Title and Description (outlined in red below).

Creating a course on Embodia

The description is the most visible section of the main page and contains all the most important information about your course. What's included here will determine if someone purchases your course. Take time to make sure it is accurate and interesting! 

The length of the content on this page will impact the SEO of your page. You will learn about SEO in Train the Trainer Part 4: Sell. In brief, we recommend a minimum of 500 words and up to 2000 words on your course info page. 

Once you are finished editing, make sure to click 'Save and Exit' so that all of the information is updated and saved.

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