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Train the Trainer Part 2: How to Create Your Course on Embodia

The Main Section is where the primary information about your course is listed. Potential attendees of your course will view this section before deciding if they should access or purchase your course. Here is an example of a course page that has a promo video and a written description of the course. You can also include images and links in this section:

Creating a course on Embodia

You can edit, add, and remove content at any time from this section of your course.

Here's the content that we suggest including:

  1. Promo video: a short 30-90 second video that provides a visual overview of your course
  2. Course description
  3. Course objectives
  4. Audience (who is this course for?)
  5. What's included: 
  6. Any other FAQs

To optimize your page ranking on Google and to make it easier for people to find you, we suggest having at least 500 written words on your course page.

The more you can answer on this page in a clear and succinct way, the more likely it is that your ideal customer will purchase your course. Click here to download a copy of your Course Info Checklist, which includes some pre-written material.


To edit the Main section go to the bottom of the page and click 'Edit Course'. You will then use the Text Editor to add text, images, videos, and hyperlinks.

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