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Train the Trainer Part 2: How to Create Your Course on Embodia

Quizzes are useful for testing a course attendee's understanding of the material. You will be able to see how your attendees are performing in your quizzes from your course's stats page, which you can learn more about in Train the Trainer Part 5: Analytics

If an attendee fails a quiz, they can continue and complete the course. For a stricter assessment of learning, use an Exam instead of a Quiz. 

To get started, click on Add Course Material > Quiz:

Adding quizzes to your Embodia course

You can set how many times a participant may take a quiz in the Max Attempts box on this page. Leaving this value blank will give participants unlimited attempts:

Adding quizzes to your Embodia course

Once you click Create Quiz as shown above, you can add questions and answers to your quiz.

Your quiz must be multiple-choice. You can choose to add a description at the top of the quiz. For example, you may like to include a clinical vignette that all of the questions in the quiz relate to.

To add a description, click Add Description.

Adding quizzes to your Embodia course

To add a question, click Add Question.

Adding quizzes to your Embodia course

Once you have added a question, you can add unlimited answers. Click on the 3 horizontal dots next to the question and choose Add Answer.

Adding quizzes to Embodia Academy

Enter your answer into the text box. If this is the correct answer, make sure to check the box beside This is a correct answer

Adding quizzes to your Embodia course

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